Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some things I don't like

As much as I like it in the sunshine state there are a few things I don't like. For example at home we live in the country on a dirt road, which I detest. But whenever I rumble down that road to the nearest intersection I merely have to look both ways and pull out. Oh, there may be a car or three I have to wait for but that only takes a minute. You get the picture, not much traffic. Here getting out onto a main road is like watching four lanes of cars sprinting out of the gate, rushing each other to get to the next stop light. And of course the guy on the right wants to get to the left lane and the one one the left is headed for the right lane, the one in the middle is racing the other two. Its not a pretty picture, plus it takes plenty of patience. The stop lights last about 5 minutes so, you could probably walk the five miles faster than driving it. A true Floridian told us its the fault of all the old people who are snowbirds that cause the traffic.. hum!!
We've learned that going anywhere will take twice as long as you think and we have found some alternate ways of getting around but this is time consuming as well.  Enough about traffic.
There is another thing I don't like so much and this will be a shock to many who know me, because I like bugs of most kinds, I like spiders and I'm not afraid of snakes. But I don't like palmetto bugs!! I'm convinced they are pre historic and cant figure why God created them they rate about as low on the scale as flies and mosquito's. We have found 4-5 of them in various stages of dying but still wiggling. They do spray here for such things so I guess that's why the critters are not fully viable. But just to make sure we bought some extra spray and have saturated every nick and cranny.
This laid back lifestyle has added a bulge or two that I have no use for either. We have enjoyed many good meals with friends, not to mention the snacks in between. We walk daily and ride the peddle bikes but it must not be enough to keep up with the intake that is being ingested. Well, after all we are snowbirds who are contributing to the traffic, why not a bulge or two for good measure.??


Mari said...

That kind of traffic would drive me crazy! Of course, driving is taking twice the time here too, with the crummy weather.
I can't believe you found a bug you didn't like. :)

Connie said...

Well you are at least where it is warm. We had 18 below here this a.m. So very cold.
Enjoy your time in the sun and stay safe.

Shelly said...

Sweetman ought to be able to weave in and out on that scooter you have! :) Glad you are having a good time down there.