Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Many moons have passed

Hey its been a long time and soo much has happened I don't know where to begin. So maybe I'll start with today.
I'm sort of retired now, from a more than 30+ years of working in the nursing field, mostly with the geriatric generation, of which I have somehow moved into that category. I say that with tongue in cheek because I don't truly feel my life fully reflects seniorhood. At least not in the manor that most people think of as senior living.
Were currently spending our winter in a much better climate than where our lives originated from. And to be honest with you I can't see us spending the winter months ever again in the freezing cold snow covered streets of the northern States.
Sweetman (my pet name for my loving husband) and I have enjoyed the laid back life of arising most mornings when we wake up naturally without alarms. We don't have to rush around to shower, dress, and fly out the door to punch a time clock. Oh, it took some time to settle into a less hectic routine but we have acclimated ourselves fairly well.  We can choose to enjoy a cup of coffee, take a walk, and then eat or eat and then take a walk or maybe just pick up a good book to indulge in a chapter or two before deciding what we will fill the rest of the day with. Of course reading devotions and giving the Lord thanks for a new day is always at the top of the day.
Smelling the sweet moist air of a warmer climate each day is a blessing, not to mention listening to the different sounds of tropical birds. Sitting on the patio today I was surrounded by little geckos scurrying around me. They never seem to interested in the human sitting watching them but stay very busy doing whatever they are doing.
With the weather so mild we called some friends and jumped on the trikes and took a ride to explore another park.  The sun warming our backs and the breezes blowing in our faces, we can look out over the blue green water and see snowy egrets slowly stalking small crabs or little fish in the shallow waters along the shores, or watch the pelicans fly and suddenly dive into the water. Coming up with their bills filled with water and small fish.
Its hard to believe that it is still winter when the flowering trees and shrubs are popping with blooms, and the buzz of a bee flies near.
Since Sweetman has had a quadruple bypass we walk daily, sometimes long walks, sometimes short, but we walk. And I thank God each day that he is able to do all the things he enjoys. If his heart would have stopped he wouldn't be doing any of this.
My heart is torn to be away from the rest of the family but they have their own busy lives, with work, children and activities of their interest. Our children are not young and our grand children's lives are filled with college, boyfriends, girlfriends, church and experiencing life in the work fields making their own money. Some are young married with babies, which means we have great grand children. Yikes!!!
My middle child who is fifty struggles with breathing difficulties, since last November. It all started so unexpectedly with sinus and cold symptoms but has developed into severe breathing issues that has yet to be diagnosed. She hasn't been well enough to go through some of the tests to determine just what she has.  This child is constantly on my mind and in our prayers daily. She didn't want us to cancel our trip south because of her. I have to remind my self that God loves her more than I ever could and this is not a surprise for Him. I'm ever thankful to other members of the family, friends and our small group who have come along side of her in our absence. Not to mention Drs. nurses and miracle drugs to sustain and ease some of her symptoms. Its a helpless feeling when there is nothing you can do to help but pray and wait.
As much as I like this warm weather it does have some draw backs. For one thing with all the snowbirds here the traffic is horrible and it doesn't seem to matter if its a main road or one less traveled its bumper to bumper at certain times of the day. We have learned when to travel in between the busy times. I love the humidity too, not everyone agrees with me on this one, especially my hair. Its been a constant battle with the frizzies. It seems I have this natural wave, curl, whatever you want to call it that doesn't respond to any hair product that I have tried so far. The bathroom shelf is lined with several products that have failed the test on my mop head. But I am grateful that I have hair, so I had better not complain to much. It is what it is!!! Something a friend always says..
This has turned into one long post, I hope who ever reads it hasn't been bored to much. The words have spilled out and run forth, I better save a few for next time.

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Mari said...

I just found this unusual blog in my list. It has a familiar name, but who is it? Someone from my past maybe?
:) :) :)
It's good to see a pot from you. It sounds like you're having a perfect time.
I'm praying for Faith. I know that's the hardest thing about being gone.