Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm not an advocate of this sort of thing but while traveling with our friends to the Americade we did notice so many bikes with these cute little bells hanging in various places. And while shopping
and checking out all the vendors I saw these little bellsagain and made a remark to my friend Linda about how cute they are that is when I learn the legend behind them.
When we got home that evening she presented us with one with little crosses on it. Here you see it hanging off the crash bar of our bike. Cute huh???

You see, there are motorcycle gremlins that LOVE to ride, but they are also mischievous little devils and they cause all sorts of problems for you while you are riding. Some say they are responsible for that old lady in the minivan not seeing you and cutting you off in traffic. Or, you may be having trouble shifting smoothly, your battery goes dead, your turn signal suddenly refuses to work, an oil spill appears out of nowhere, you hit a patch of black ice, etc – you get the idea. Those little gremlins look for trouble and try to steer your bike towards it.
Now, once you get a bell on your scoot – it wards off these attacks from the little gremlins, not allowing any more to get onto your bike. If you already have some gremlins riding with you, they will get trapped in the hollow of the bell, and the constant ringing will drive them insane – causing them to lose their grip and fall to the roadway.
Do you have the protection of a gremlin bell? If you buy a gremlin bell of your own, the power works. If you receive the gremlin bell as a gift – the powerful magic of the bell is doubled. Do you have a friend who does not have a gremlin bell yet? Why not be the person to give them one, they'll thank you! The bell, and a good preventive maintenance program by the bike's owner, will help eliminate the gremlins.


Sandra said...

Well I certainly learn something new everyday.

How neat those little bells are :)

Mari said...

Your bell is cute and I think the story of the gremlins is too!

Connie said...

Cute story....

Maalai said...
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Cherdecor said...

I am glad to read that you are not an advocate of this kind of thinking towards bells, rabbit's foot, or St. Christopher on the dash of your car. I read a verse this morning in II Chron. that said God would not be with us when we trust in other things. It was a strong warning.

Satan always appears in "cute things" that seem harmless. He appears as an angel of light.

I remember when we were in Hawaii the tour bus took us to a Buddist Temple. They wanted us to take off our shoes before we entered. We refused to take off our shoes to another god so we did not enter.
It seemed harmless and everyone was doing it. We made a choice. We choose to serve the Lord God.

I have followed you long enough to know that you do too!

Shelly said...

What a neat trip you had. I like the story of the gremlin bell also.
That bike with the car engine, I wouldn't call it a bike either. It is cool looking though.