Monday, June 11, 2012

Americade trip to New York

Most of you know we just got back from a motorcycle trip to New York.  Every year Lake Goerge is the host city for this annual event called the Americade that welcomes every kind of motorcycle and believe me there was every kind of motorcycle there.

 Lake George is in the Adirondack mountains which makes the perfect place to go touring, with winding roads, lakes and little towns scattered through the mountains, bikers love it.We took one with about 20 bikes on a covered bridge tour and this is just one of many we saw. They fed us a great  lunch at one of the country clubs. Two kinds of salad, chicken that fell off the bone, beans and rolls.
 Of course we ate our share of ice cream, sweetman can't go a day without some of that. Ben and Jerry's was located in several places and another sweet shop we found was call Bob's both excellent ice cream, almost as good as Hudsonville.

 This chair sat outside of one of the shops and was popular for picture taking, it was huge as you can see.
We went on a dinner cruise that took us around Lake George showing us all the fancy and I mean fancy, expensive, exclusive, you name it homes. some even on little islands all to themselves. Lots of money in that part of the world. They fed us well again on the cruise and it was one of the days we didn't get rained on.

I'm not sure what kind of bike you would call this but I wanted to show you that we saw all kinds. This one has a car engine and I really don't think you can call it a true motorcycle.
There were vender's from all over with lots of goodies to buy for the bikes, kinda like a candy shop for adults who ride bikes. We had a new seat installed on ours and made several other purchases as well. I haven't heard the final count on how many bikers were there but it has to be in the thousand,. so many that cars were a minority.
The Lake George community loves the bikers and go out of their way to make getting around town as easy as possible given there are so many and it was well organized. If an event started at 6pm that was when it started. Every day there were prizes and drawings, and one night alone they gave away $30.000 in prizes. We didn't win any except we both got a hat, and enjoyed some laughs, met some nice people and got rained on almost every day. People who have attended this event says that is a given and to expect rain.

 The last evening they closed down an amusement park just for the bikers, let us ride some of the rides and fed us another great meal. As soon as it got dark we saw spectacular fire works just for us.
One the ride home of course the sun came out and it got really warm, so we put the rain gear away. We stopped in Niagara Falls to grab a few pictures before heading home.
Trips like this one will always be remembered for the inconvenience of the rain but also for the fun we had and the safe travels the Lord allowed us. As usual its fun to go away but nice to be home safe with lots of memories to think of a ponder over.


Mari said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time! Sorry about the weather, but you kept a good attitude about it. We've missed you and are ready to see you again! :)

Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

You've been to so many places and the photos you shared are beautiful. I remembered my daddy when you mentioned about the ice cream coz he too loves it so much. I have always wanted to see Niagara Falls and it looked amazing as your background. The huge chair is also a sight to behold. One looks so small when sitting there, haha!

I am a new follower. I hope to get to know you more as I frequent your site. God bless!

Connie said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'm glad you returned home safe and sound.

ivory tower said...

Hi there, I really like your page. And I think you've been to so many places. i like the pgotos especially the plants, the flowers, the trees. It's all about nature. I want to follow you, I am new to blogging. Hope we'll become friends. God bless!