Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last and the first

I surely hope this will be the last of the snow for the season, our Michigan weather has been as unpredictable this winter. Not to mention the weather anywhere. This picture was just from a few days ago and I hope it will not occur again this year.
This is the new flooring in the lower level bathroom that needed to be replaced after our water damage, its very similar to what we had in there and that was just a couple of years old. Now that the floor is a different height we need a plumber to reset the toilet so that is out of commission until he can get here, ( thankful we have more than one bathroom) and for the finishing touches to be done. Just got word the new carpet is to be installed tomorrow. Yippee!!!! I'm so tired of the disruption and unorganized living we have been dealing with. Not to mention the dust and everything out of place.

These last pictures are of the tile in the back hall, I know they look pretty close but there is a difference its just my picture taking abilities are very limited and the lighting is not so hot.

While the guys were here installing the floors, Sweetman was outside getting his (stuff) organized in the trailers for the season of flea marketing to start soon and I decided to bake some blueberry bread. Feeling a little guilty about staying inside when the temp outside is almost to 60. Whoo Hoo.!!!!

I might just have to take a walk this afternoon, but I'll need my mukluks, I live on a dirt road and it is muddy.

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Glenda said...

I remember how difficult it is to live in a house that is being redone, and it's not fun! But in the end, it will be worth it. I like your tile . . . and blueberry bread sounds soooo good!

Mari said...

It looks great! I'm glad that you are almost done with this mess - it's a pain living in the middle of a renovation!

Connie said...

I always say it has to get bad before it looks better. Your flooring looks like our tile in our kitchen.