Thursday, September 22, 2011

Officially Trikesters!!!!

We  have officially became oldsters trikesters, our lovely yellow two wheeler motorcycle has been transformed into a trike. We both enjoy the freedom of riding motorcycles and for the last few months we have tossed around the idea of converting it into a trike. We ride every Wednesday weather permitting with a nice group of friends from the Gold Wing road riders association. Several of them are oldsters, (I don't know why that keeps happening),  trikesters and the added stability of having three wheels slowly became more appealing.  So we visited this fine establishment to get the low down.
This fine young gentleman you see below (Brian) gave us all the details and after taking a trike out for a test drive we made the decision to become owners of a trike. 

Now you have to understand they don't come triked, but you have to have a two wheeler converted into one. So we took our two wheeler to Mt Pleasant where the surgical procedure could be completed.  Below you see part of the conversion kit that we had to wait for which took about two weeks. 

There are several other parts that I have no idea how they all go together but of course that is why we left it up to the experts to put all the pieces in the right place.
Here's the finished product all triked out. I told the sweetman we have to come up with a name for her,(any ideas) it must be female being all yellow and such. The Maiden ride home was fun for Sweetman to get accustom to her. And last night we rode with 13 other bikes some trikes and some two wheelers on a dinner ride. I must say it was very comfortable for me and alot less hassle for the Sweetman, especially with stopping, starting and corners.

Here she is at home sitting all shiny and sweet!!!!Posted by Picasa


Mari said...

I think she is so cool looking! I don't have a name for her though.

Mike Golch said...


Susan said...

Shiny and sweet for sure. I think it's wonderful that you have done this and will enjoy it. Mickey & I have never regretted the years we spent with our Hot Air Balloon. So many "things" serve their wonderful purpose and time for......a time and then we move on.

Brenda said...

She looks like a "Sunshine" to me. Of course I'm partial to yellow!

Blessed Beyond said...

Congratulations!!! Love the trike!!! Hope yall enjoy it! We sure miss our motorcycle, but I tell hubby after the kids grow up, we will get a trike. hehehe