Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Our old refrigerator, developed an odor that just wouldn't go away no matter what we tried. We called the specialists and asked questions but not one had an answer for us. So, we went on vacation hoping the problem would vanish by itself. No dice, that didn't work. So when we got back we took it apart and cleaned every nook and cranny, waited a day or two and still it had a smell of hot medal, mixed with garlic and onion and all the food was getting that smell permeated into it even though I started putting everything into baggies. 
Our next option was to go shopping for a new one, our old one was used when we bought it and we felt it was something gone wrong with the ice maker as the odor seemed to waft from the ice cubes them selves. We are big water drinkers and both of us have huge glasses of water with ice cubes almost all the time, so this was a real problem hindering us from our liquid consumption. Here is the empty spot left by the kicked out refrigerator.

In comes the new, my old one was the traditional top freezer with regular doors, and as you can see our space for replacing it was rather small. We were limited to certain size which did not give us many options.
We found three possibilities and narrowed it down to this one you see. I liked the french doors and is slightly bigger than the old.

This is hard to see but wouldn't you just know it, there was about a 4 inch scratch in the bottom freezer door and slightly dented. We did accept it but with a promise from the company to replace the door. It can only happen to us of course. Some people would accept it and just say oh well, but we both felt that when your paying the bucks for a perfectly new undented or scratched item that is the way it should be when delivered.
Anyway its humming away in my kitchen and no funny odors are emitting from it. Once I get used to the doors and figure out just were to keep everything I'm really going to like it.

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Mari said...

It looks really nice - except for the scratch! I like the french doors too!

Justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Thanks for your visit and comment tonight.

I understand your frustration over your old smelly refrigerator. Right now my front loading washer is giving me fits with a mildewy smell. If I dry it out good and leave the door open after each load it helps a lot, but it's so frustrating.


Susan said...

Lovely. Always so nice to get a new appliance, especially if the old is showing problems.

Cathy said...

That is really nice. I know you will enjoy it.