Sunday, July 10, 2011


Its been a fun busy week in Knoxville Tn. and an extremely hot one. Temperatures were in the 90's almost every day with high humidity but it didn't stop the events that took place.
Friday night, many bikes and trikes lined up for the Grand Parade through town.  It was reported to be six miles long of all bikers. These first two pictures show you some but not all of the bikes waiting to roll. As we wound through the streets with a full police escort, the people of Knoxville lined the curbs giving us thumbs up, waves and little kids eyes were as big as saucers
Gold Wingers are people from all walks of life, and their bikes often display the personalities that match the owners. Some are covered with so much chrome you can hardly tell there is a bike under it all, others have flags, or  stuffed animals tied on. Some people have special carriers for their small dogs or even cats. 
This purple trike is pulling a trailer that looks like a replica of a old car.
I'm not so sure I like the coffin trailer but it got a lot of attention and sure was a conversation piece.
We saw precision stunts from three different teams coming from Canada, South Carolina and California. Performing high speed maneuver's, criss crossing each other and then coming in to make a tight diamond shape or riding side by side in two or fours.
There were even women driving some of the bikes doing the stunts. 
This man was riding side saddle and stood up no hands at one point in his demonstration, he told us he had only been riding for two weeks, which was of course not true, it takes long hours of practice to be able to do things like he did. Sure impressed me.
Before the night was over the Blues Brothers showed up and gave us all some laughs with their silly antics, some good showman ship and songsSometimes people have the wrong impression of bikers but Gold wingers are just ordinary folks who like to ride motorcycles and have good clean fun. They come in all shapes and sizes,vary in ages from very young to really old, I heard some one say there was an 80+ person there who still rides.  Most of them love to eat ice cream, thats what alot of the rides are all about getting together with friends, riding to dinner and then find a ice cream shop. The Motto of the Gold Wing Riders is "Friends for fun safety and knowledge".


Cathy said...

I'm glad you two had a good time, Dear.

Mari said...

Lots of fun things to see! Glad you had fun but glad to have you back too! :)

Connie said...

Wow what a lot of people!
Glad you had a safe and fun trip.

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