Friday, June 10, 2011

You just have to see this!!!

  I know this little guys face gets plastered all over my facebook page and in several other places but he is just so darn cute and is developing a personality that is just as cute. I just have to show you this picture   His mom and I took him today for a wellness check up and the Dr was so impressed that he is walking she kept saying are you sure this isn't his one year check up??
Yes he is nine months old and walking all over, happy as a lark and smiles all the time.
After the Dr's we spent a little time at Great Grandmas, then met up with Aunt Tina and our adopted exchange student Liss.
We went to the mall to do some shopping and while there, just happened to be by a three way mirror.
Of course the baby had to greet the three babies he was seeing in the mirror so right away he walked over to the mirror and gave that image a big kiss, after kissing the baby in one mirror he turned and kissed the baby in the other mirror. It was just to cute.
My camera was ready and I got these shots of the action, I think someday he will be someones heart breaker he even closes his eyes.

This is Liss and she says when he grows up she will marry him. Seriously, it was kind of a bitter sweet day.
Liss is returning to Spain next week and came
today for her final visit and to say goodbyes to her extended American family that she had come to know for the last year. We will miss you Liss and have so enjoyed having you as part of our family, you will always be welcome to come back anytime.
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Mari said...

What a wonderful day, except for saying goodbye to Liss. Those pictures are just adorable!

Cathy said...

He is just adorable, Nancy. I love those pictures.

Connie said...

As the others said - he is adorable. Liss is beautiful too.
So glad you showed the picture of your adorable child kissing the babies. Made my day!