Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye till next fall

I've had a horrible time trying to get this posted, I had it all ready but for some reason it wouldn't let me post it, so I gave up and tried the next day and everything I wrote was gone. So I'm starting all over and hope this gets posted.

We had our last Tuesday Bible study and celebrated with a brunch and birthday party  combined.
This is Kristen, she is truly a Proverbs 31 women who loves the Lord, has fantastic insight and wisdom and knowledge of the Bible. And wants all her students to share in the passion that she has. She makes loving the Lord fun. Did I mention that she is also very generous?? Well she is and because she didn't want us to be idle this summer she gave each one of us three books to keep us reading which is another passion of hers to not only read the Word but good books that help us to use our brains that God gave us.

Here you see Beth, she helped us to learn how to memorize John15:1-17, verse by verse. Something I thought was impossible for me but I learned it and have so far retained every verse. She came up with some really innovative ways to help us, including using the first initial of each word, fill in the blanks, singing, and even rap, which made us all laugh alot.
This picture is only about half of us enjoying that brunch, there was about 35-40 of us each week so we filled the house with lots of chatter, singing, praying, and laughter. Were just ordinary women with problems just like everybody else. Some with health issues, family problems, financial worries, some older, some young and we even had three babies born with one we were still waiting on  but we all felt God's arms wrap around us and our walk with Jesus became more intimate for each one.
Many of us wrote out our thanks and birthday wishes on little cards and left them on her counter and I'm sure  Kristen enjoyed reading each one and learning how the Lord has worked in our lives as we studied the book of Luke in detail, which is the only way Kristen knows how to teach.

Next fall we will be starting in Genesis and going through the entire Bible, not so in depth but for overall insight and knowledge. She will be pointing out those not so familiar things that many skip over. I'm looking forward to that.
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Mari said...

Glad this posted this time! I know this has been a blessing to you and Faith. Next year sounds very interesting too!

That corgi :) said...

what a neat Bible study and teacher! Certainly she is an encourager! That was cool you all memorized that long passage; great words in it to always "hide" in your heart! next year's Bible study sounds interesting too!


Kathy Hall said...

Hi Nancy! It was so good meeting you and a real blessing to be at the last two studies. I'm sure next year is going to be a real blessing for you all!