Thursday, April 7, 2011


My ideas often involve something with a handle and work at the end of it. It was so nice to discover this crocus popping up as I wander out in the yard this morning. With the sun warming my heart I got the idea that maybe I should spend a little time outside.
I've had this thought through the winter that I might like to dig out the sod by this corner fence and make more room for some flowers.
 So I found the shovel and started digging. I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete it all in one day because back in Feb. I had some surgery on my hand and didn't know just how that was going to go.
Once I got started I just had to finish. And I wish you could have been with me, the quietness of the morning was like heaven, the birds were singing, the far away drill of a woodpecker working on a hollow tree, a light that breeze cooled my face, the shadow of a whooping crane as it flew overhead, and an occasional buzz of a bee flew near by. The smell of the moist dirt as I dug it up was earthy and it was soft to touch.

Definitely made me happy to feel that YES!!! spring was here!!! I finished my project just as sweetman was coming home from having coffee with the boys and he also found some finds at a garage sale eariler this morning so again that is another sign of spring. I was thanking the Lord the whole time I was out there and it actually only took me about an hour and half to get it all done. Now for a little fertlizer and maybe some good black dirt and then the flowers!!! Yes!!!


Shelly said...

Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful day and as you explained your adventure-I could almost smell the dirt too.

Mari said...

You did great! I love the thought of working outside with the sun shining down and the smell of freshly turned dirt in the air!

Connie said...

Sounds like you had a perfect day working, listening and thanking our creator.

Susan said...

I felt your joy and satisfaction reading this and share your delight.

Cherdecor said...

It does a person good to get out and feel the dirt between our fingers. Some day soon, I hope to do the same.

I was whipped today. Two days of radiation was just too much. I couldn't get up for two days. I hope and pray that tomorrow, I will be better.