Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busted!!! so busted

As I drove into the garage today I noticed fresh car tracks of snow leading to our other car, (I'm observant that way)
Of course my first thought was that rascal Sweetman went somewhere.  Hes not supposed to be driving Yet!!!
He just had surgery last Wednesday, and to keep the pain under control and down to tolerable levels has been taking some pretty major pain killers, that also tend to kill the senses just a bit.
Of course sitting at home doing pretty much nothing is not one of the attributes of this mans nature.
So, I was barely in the door and, the first thing I said to him is "where did you go today" ???
sheep couldn't have look more innocent.... But he did fess up..
He didn't take any pain meds this morning, managed to take a shower, get dressed and put the sling back on all without help. Then he went to meet with some of his buddy's for coffee. Which is a weekly occurrence every week on Thursdays..
The guys were a bit surprised to see him there but he stayed long enough for coffee and headed home to take the much needed pills.
I recall as I left this morning telling him, "You better not try to go anywhere today "  Ya, so much for listening to me!!!!


Mari said...

Ha! This does not surprise me. :)
I can about see that innocent look on his face. Tell him the next time he tries something, not to do it when there will be tracks in the snow.
On the other hand - he's got lots of gumption and that's lot better when it comes to getting better, than someone who is content to just sit around!

Mike Golch said...

Celestine,is not supposed to be driving right now as well,but that is easier for me to enforce since I dont drive right now as well.

Andrew Bruins said...

Haha, thats pretty funny. Cant blame him though. I hate being stuck inside.

Susan said...

Gotta love these guys!!!

Cathy said...

Oh, bless his heart, he missed his friends. Praying for his recovery ~

Connie said...

What some guys will suffer thru for a cup of coffee with friends. Ha Ha (I mean not taking his pain pills so he can drive.) Hope the pain leaves soon.

Shelly said...

Love it! I love how you are observant that way. So am I. Also, it cracks me up that Ray wanted to go out so bad that he sacrificed his pain killers to go. I wonder if he would have told you he went out if you did not notice the tracks????? HMMM? LOL What's that song? Can't keep a good man down?

Saija said...