Friday, October 1, 2010

Its times like these... I wonder sometimes

Sometimes I wonder why I like to live where I do, with almost an acre of yard to take care of, this time of year its mostly clean up time. Yesterday Sweetman trimmed up all the bushes and shrubs around the house and yard, but ran out of time to clean up the mess before it got dark.
So today as I'm raking and picking up branches, I'm thinking, we're really to old for this, it used to be easy and for some reason didn't take as long but now, it seems it takes the whole day.

I raked and made little manageable piles of shrub debris, while Sweetman got the tractor and trailer out to pick it all up.
This is my little barn, I'm especially fond of this barn, it holds all of my lawn tools, my wagon, and lots of miscellaneous stuff. It was a birthday gift a few years ago from my husband and step son and it really gets used. And its all mine, but I do let Sweetman keep the tractor in it.  Nice of me don't you think??
I just had to catch this picture of Sweetman slaving away, its not his favorite thing to do yard clean up but he is a big help.  I'm really not complaining, and as I worked I got to thinking.. there are alot of people who would just love to spend a warm fall afternoon outside but can't because of illness or some other reason. So I just started to praise the Lord for giving me good health and the ability to stoop, and bend and lift and tug and pull and to feel the warm sun on my back, to hear the birds singing in the trees and to smell the sweet fragrance of drying leaves. And before I knew it we were done and I was looking for more to do cuz my whole attitude changed. I like where I live and the yard isn't really that big.
This little rake sure comes in handy for getting inbetween bushes and small places I use it all the time, I'm thankful for it too!!!
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Mari said...

I remember when you got that barn and what an ordeal it turned into to get it home. :)
It was worth it though!
Your yard looks very nice.

Glenda said...

Counting our blessings can do wonders for our attitudes! Sounds like you had a productive day in your beautiful yard!

Anonymous said...
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Susan said...

That is exactly why we sold the 1 1/3 acre place we had when Mickey retired. Enjoy it while you still can. We still have a bigger yard that we'd like!!!! But at least it's not AS big.

Shelly said...

I enjoy getting out and doing that stuff too. Sometimes it might take a tug or two to get me there, but once I am there, I enjoy it also. Forget the inside for a while I say. And one can tell when I work outside because the inside says-hey remember me?

Connie said...

It is all in the attitude isn't it.
We are having beautiful weather the last few days - a little cold - but beautiful! Enjoy.