Tuesday, July 6, 2010


WOW, you know what that stands for don't ya??? Wonder of wonders, I can't believe I'm posting again two days in a row... that's wow for me these days.

I had the day off and spent the entire day at home, well except to go get my phone that was repaired and to pick up a prescription for Sweetman.

I managed to get a few little chores that I have been putting off done too. Boy, was it a hot one, I'll admit it... I can take a lot of heat but I do think I was glistening as my daughter would say.

Working outside is my favorite and today with out that lovely breeze it would have been almost untolerable.

I strolled around the yard, admiring God's handiwork in the summer flowers. I know my garden isn't as pretty as some but I do enjoy the summer colors.

Did you know you can eat this one?? Yup, it is often used in some of the high end resturants to garnish foods that you and I never eat at, well at least I never do. It can be added to salads, soups or any dish you want to give an extra touch of eye candy, plus adds a little peppery taste. Its called Nasturtium, I find that it grows very well in my soil.

These are Astilbes and the lovely graceful lily

Oops, this isn't a flower but it could be for all the beauty it is displaying. We have grape jelly out for the orioles to snack on and this butterfly showed up for a taste this morning. Sooo pretty, I don't know what kind it is but its welcome to visit any time.

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Mari said...

Your Astilbe is beautiful! We just bought a few, and I hope they look as nice as yours.
Beautiful butterfly too!

Glenda said...

Beautiful flowers! Great shot of the butterfly feeding on the jelly; never knew they liked jelly!

Connie said...

Your flowers are beautiful and yes, it is a very hot day. Sometimes I think if the TV didn't talk about it all the time it would be more bearable. Maybe not.
God bless the A/C.

Crown of Beauty said...

HI Nancy, I'm new on your blog. Hopped over from Mari's. I think your flowers are lovely, thanks for sharing their names and interesting facts about them.

The grape jelly with the butterfly is something!

And guess what, I never knew that WOW stood for wonder of wonders! That's one thing I learned today. Which one is the Nasturtium, by the way, the little purplish ones, or the yellow ones?

Anonymous said...

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