Sunday, July 11, 2010

I never laugh so much but when were all together

Ever sit around a bon-fire and just enjoy the evening air, the smell of the fire, (cough,cough) the mosquitoes buzzing around your ears (unless you have a real smoky fire), and laugh until your insides ache?? Ya, I bet most of you have.

We did that Saturday nite, once again enjoying the good company of my sweet Aunt. She is a good sport, puts up with the antics of silly jokes, sticky smores, and watermelon dripping down your chin. In fact she says she love it!!!

My oldest daughter and two of the grand daughters came down from Cadillac to spend the night and we had so much fun the evening flitted by in no time.

Even the dogs, Gizmo and Pilot liked the watermelon.
There was fun bantering between siblings and crazy faces captured. Smores eaten with giant marshmellows, lots of laughs, lots of love.
We laughed, we ate, we even set off fire crackers that Sweetman had hidden away.
It was almost midnite before we knew it but it was worth staying up late to make a few more memories.

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Mari said...

I can almost hear you all laughing now! Glad you had such a great time together!

Connie said...

Family gatherings are the best. Recently we got together with family for the day and had such a good time. Good food, warm water for swimming, c-dos, and just hangin out.