Thursday, June 3, 2010

Botanical taxonomy of the Japanese dogwood

Have you ever seen a Japanese dogwood??? I have one in my front yard and look forward every year to watching this tree bloom.
Classified as Cornus Kousa dogwood or sometimes called a Chinese dogwood, known as "wolf eyes" dogwood in the botanical classifying language.
Wolf eyed dogwood flower late spring into early summer lasting about six weeks. The credit to the white "floral" show goes not to actual flowers but to "bracts", which to the observer look like petals. The berry that succeeds the flowering is raspberry-like in appearance. In autumn the leaves develop streaks ranging from pink to red. The whole tree has a spreading form and gives the birds excellent protection plus they like to eat the berries. Every year it puts on a dazzling display of what is called the "blizzard effect". Combined with the varigated foliage, (white margins and light green interior) that is a perfect discription of this beauty. Just thought you all would want to learn about this here prutty tree.
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Mari said...

This is such a pretty plant, but I didn't know much about it. We tried to grow one with no success. I think it's time we tried again!

Connie said...

Your plant is so pretty. What a wonderful time of the year to see all the beautiful blooms around.