Monday, May 31, 2010

I gotta tell you about my Aunt!!!

Here she is~~~isn't she cute??? I caught her a little off guard in this picture so her bright smile wasn't ready but this little lady is amazing!!

She's here from California to visit with us and to celebrate her 90Th birthday. She is the only one left out of five siblings and has out lived many of her own precious friends, so we insisted that she come to Mich. where most of the family is to celebrate this memorable birthday. She married late in life so never had any of her own children but has been very close to all of us her nephews and nieces and the thought of her celebrating her 90Th away from us was unthinkable. My sister flew out to Ca to escort her back here and my brother and his wife will be taking her back in a few weeks.

She is spunky, full of the joy of the Lord and up for almost any adventure, just the other day she was willing to get into my little sports car to go on a little shopping jaunt, and she got in and out better than I can, of course it helps when your already low to the ground, she stands only about 4ft tall but is much taller in the eyes of her family.
Her vision is poor but, her mind and spirit is alive and well. Just a few months ago she had partial knee replacement and is able to walk with only a cane in most places, and uses a walker only occasional. She says she doesn't like the walker and says its "probably a pride thing".
She has touched so many lives and I know she has said hundreds, no, thousands of prayers for me, my siblings, and each of our children. She has been a godly example to everyone that she has met all her life. She volunteered her time for many years working with troubled young boys in what was called the "Faith Home". Taught sunday school, and did countless hours of volunteer work where ever she was needed. Its been so long I forgot what her real job was but she work long hard hours when she lived here in Michigan so many years ago. After marrying she moved to California, and that became home in her later life. But still has many friends still living here so for her 90th we wanted to include her Michigan friends.

Next weekend we will be having picnic open house for family and friends to celebrate her birthday, what fun that will be. She dislikes being fussed over and wanted us to keep it simple but I just know she is going to have fun seeing old friends and visiting with some she hasn't seen for years. Pray for good weather, we will have a pravilion to be in but its always more enjoyable to have sunshine especially for a 90th.

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Mari said...

Your aunt is such an inspiration to many people! I know how much she means to you and your family. Praying for good weather for the open house!

Oh Sew Good said...

What a sweet heart! Please wish her a very Happy Birthday from me too.

Cheri said...

You're right- she's adorable!
Wishing her a wonderful birthday full of love and family!

Glenda said...

What an inspiration she must be! Hope your celebration is a special, memorable time for all of you!

Love your little sports car!

Cathy said...

She is very cute, Nancy. I know she is having a wonderful time visiting with you all for her birthday party.

Connie said...

I'm sure she is enjoying every minute. And I know you are too.