Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not a nut to be found

About this time 2 years ago I was picking up walnuts off the ground and letting them dry out. We had more black walnuts than you can imagine that year.

You may remember my hard labor when I posted about gathering them back here Anyway while walking tonite I noticed that this year we have nary a nut to be found any where. It was an awful lot of work cracking all those walnuts anyway and I decided I would not take on that endeavor again.

What I did notice was the brilliant colors that God has painted in the leaves, the sassafras are a beautiful lemon yellow, the dogwood are bright rusty reds, maple are a variety of colors, depending on the species, some cream color, some reds, some multi variation of several colors all on one leaf, the ferns have been touched with frost and are now lying on the ground a dark brown. Then the evergreens are of course still green and stand out within all the colors as sentries of the woods. My road changes with each season, the dogwood line the road each spring with beautiful delicate white and soft pink flowers,reminding us of the death and resurrection of Jesus, summer is a canopy of greens that shelter me with new soft supple leaves from the hot sun as I walk down the road and now fall with all the colors painted so carefully for our eyes to drink in.
Each season pointing to a God that is so great we can't fathom His bigness. I like the crisp air, the coolness of fall sweater weather, but I really really don't like what follows that white stuff that is slippery cold and wet. Still there is beauty in that season I just have to look harder.. I'm just sayin.....


Mari said...

I remember the walnuts. I can't believe it's been 2 years!
Glad you were able to enjoy that beauty on your walk!

Anonymous said...

I jusr love your description of autumn. It's currently springtime here in New Zealand but autumn is my most favourite time of year. Your garden must look splendid with all the pretty array of colours. Our God is marvelous, isn't He? His colours are so bright and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will return to your blog to visit again as I have enjoyed being here tonight. Bless you,
Sandra in NZ

Oh Sew Good said...

I wonder if the nuts just go in cycles like that or did the squirrels get to them for this upcoming winter. If the latter is the case then I think we're in for a rough winter, do you?

Susan said...

You painted a beautiful word picture. Here in Oklahoma we do not have the variety of color in the fall as you have there because we do not seem to have as much variety in the trees. We did, of choice, plant a red leaf maple in our backyard so we'd get a little of the pretty red folliage.

Cherdecor said...

Our neighbors have oak trees and this year they have yielded a bumper crop. They are small but there are a zillion of them.

I enjoyed your walk.

Connie said...

We too have an abundance of walnuts this year. Our squirrels have been very busy. I will give the animals the nuts because I do not like to dry and crack them.
The fall season colors are beautiful.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Nancy,
What a delight to receive a visit from you.

I quickly dropped by to acknowledge the comment you left. Such encouragement, thank you!

I look forward to visiting again when I have time, and getting to know you more.

Blessings on your day...