Friday, October 16, 2009

I gotta brag a little

I must say I have been waiting for today for the last week, to have two of my lovely granddaughters together in one place that was close enough for me to spend a little time with them. We didn't have any specific plans so of course we headed for the mall to look around.

Sister # one is in college here locally and sister # two is in high school, about 90 miles away, but today sister # two came to visit her big sister to see her dorm room and to just hang out, and they included me. Grandpa opted to stay behind but did get to see both of them too.

We wandered the mall, looked at all the latest styles, smelled all the new smells in Bath and Body Works, ate lunch in the food court and checked out winter coats.
I seldom get to the mall but did want to look for a baby gift for yet another new baby in the family so I was introduced (thanks to the girls) to a store called Gymboree, a very nice store just for babies and little kids. The girls helped me to find just the perfect outfit, with a comfortable price.
Grand daughter #2 had to leave about 4:30pm to get back home but GD #1 and her boyfriend came over for tacos before heading back to their dorms.
Its refreshing to be around kids that are positive, up beat and seem to enjoy being with their grandparents. Of course were not prejudice or anything!!!


Mari said...

Glad you had such a nice day. I had a good one too.
Of course they want to spend time with you. You guys are pretty cool grand parents!

Mike Golch said...

Enjoy your time with you Grand children.

Connie said...

So nice for yous to spend some time with your granddaughters. They are beautiful! And of course, they enjoy being with your grandparents.

Susan said...

They are blessed and so are you!!!

Cathy said...

They are so cute. And I love the picture of you all. Glad you had a great time with them.