Friday, September 4, 2009

Then it was Grandma's turn

Many of you know one of my grand daughters has recently moved into the dorms for her first year of college and she is now closer to me!!! YEAH!!!

I'm loving that and the other day we got to spend
some time together.

We walked the beach for some exercise, & down time for me as well as her. I didn't even think about what I should be doing at home like laundry, cleaning etc. Much more fun chatting with a energetic fresh young person who is a very lovely lady.

Then to grandma's for a good home cooked meal, something she won't get much of at school.

After dinner Sweetman found this tiny little bird sitting outside on the side walk, no momma or poppa bird around, and we just couldn't leave it out there all night to freeze so we took it inside and checked on line for some kind of information to care for it.

We found out you can feed them moist wheat germ with an eye dropper, keep it warm and hope for the best.. it was very tiny and not very old. It was a gold finch, yes I said was... it did live through the night but died the next afternoon.

Some times nature has other ideas, we tried our best to keep it alive but it was just to young.

I took my grand daughter back to the dorms wishing she could just stay with us but I know this is a new life adventure for her, and its time to leave the nest, but unlike the little bird, this young lady is ready to be more independent and will survive campus life. She is grounded in her faith, and has good common sense.

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Mari said...

Nice pictures of Lauren! I think it's wonderful for all of you to have her close by.
You did good with the bird, it was just too little.

Mike Golch said...

great photos,bummer about the bird.

Oh Sew Good said...

Congratulations on having your granddaughter closer to you. I'm sure that will do her mother's heart good too. :)

Susan said...

Glad the two of you got to spend this special time together. A lovely young lady.

Anonymous said...

Aw, your the best!! I bet she had a great time with you:) sorry about the little bird, but at least you tried.