Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Sunday Ride to Ludington

Unlike yesterday's chain of not so fun events that turned out to be pretty funny at the end of the day, today was very very nice!!!!
We decided that we didn't want to tackle any more boating so opted to take a motorcycle ride.
Our original intentions were to go visit another brother and sister in law but that didn't work out.
So we did get together with one of Sweetmans brothers who also is a motorcycle fanatic, in fact his wife also has a full dresser Gold wing with a side car that she drives, but she had to work today and couldn't join us.
Anyway after a great Sunday sermon on a continuation the spiritual warfare series our pastor is taking us through we met up with brother #3. After a short discussion on where to ride it was decided to head north to Ludington.
I got my pictures loaded backwards here but we took the back roads along the lake shore, through Pentwater, past farms, cherry orchards and small towns.

We ended up at the house of flavors in downtown Ludington for huge sundaes that really hit the spot and then headed back home.
Stopping to take a small breaks to stretch the legs and work out the kinks.
Here's the boys as you can see Sweetman is the shortest but he has the most hair of all the brothers.
It was a fun uneventful day, which I was thankful for.


Mari said...

You certainly have had a fun weekend. And - one more day off yet! Glad you had fun!

Cathy said...

Glad you had a fun day ~ I'm not brave enough for one of those motorcycles.

Crown of Beauty said...

I must say you are one courageous woman to be riding a motocycle! I tried it a few times in Chiang Mai Thailand, but only to be polite to the offering me a free ride!

And what a peaceful and quiet little town Ludington seems to be, from the beautiful pictures you posted.

One thing I love about blogging is meeting wonderful people and learning about faraway places through a remarkable little machine that I can carry along with me wherever I go!

You are certainly right, blogging is such a great way to express our freedom of speech.

Blog friends who know how to use this freedom in a God-honoring way are such a blessing to my heart!

Thanks for visiting my blog place. I'll be looking forward to reading more about you through your posts!

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm catching up. Your boating fiasco sounds like something I could have watched on AMV. I think I understand why you love riding so much. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow ! You ride a motorcycle ?! I'm impressed !!! Do you drive one or do you double with your husband ? Do you call it doubling on motorcycles or is that just bicycles ??

Anonymous said...

I lost everyone's blog site when my computer crashed so I am looking a my friend's comments and tracking them down. I love your new header!


Nancy said...

In answer to you Bonnie, No I don't drive any motorcycle but I do ride with my husband. when you have two on a bike it is called two up.