Saturday, July 11, 2009

Laurel and Hardy here

You remember Laurel and Hardy, three Stooges, Buster Keaton, Little Rascals, Lucille Ball, you know slapstick comedy, well you should have seen Sweetman and I today, launching the 11.5 foot fishing boat this afternoon. If someone would have had a camera they would have won the $10,000 prize on the funniest videos for sure.

Picture this if you can, I'm standing on the dock holding the rope tied to the boat as Sweetman is backing the trailer into the water, when things started to go kiddywampus, you know the trailer is crooked, the van's right wheel is riding up onto the dock and Sweetman seems to be oblivious to whats going on behind him. So I start yelling "STOP, STOP"!!! At the same time the little trolling motor thats on the boat shifts and starts to fall off the boat, I reach down to grab it and about this time Sweetman realizes something isn't just right so he stops, which jolts the trailer and me trying to grab the small motor which is now half in the water, and I lost my balance and join it in the water. The boat by the way is now sideways on the trailer but not released free from the trailer. So now you have one wheel of the van up on the dock, one lady slightly wet, holding on to a small trolling motor and a sideways boat still on the trailer. Some people next to us are busy launching their boat with precision perfection and they look over at us with amused smiles and say to me, who is now very drenched and slightly upset.. "are you alright"?? I just nodded and smiled back.
By now Sweetman is standing at the back of the van yelling what happened, can't you pull the boat off the trailer? Ah, no its stuck!!! He gets back in the van as I pull myself on to the dock, and begins to pull the trailer and the sideways boat back out of the water, tries to straighten the van out and backs down the ramp again to attempt to release the boat, this time it floats off the trailer like it supposed to do in the first place.

Finally, we take off and head out into the water, fortunately it is warm and I dry off fairly well.
Now I do believe I have said I love the water and being out on it, however I may have to reevaluate that statement, or at least fine tune it just a bit. I love sailing, as in sail boats not power boats, and Sweetman seems to think everything has to go fast, even 11 foot fishing boats.

So as we are racing down the water way first my sun visor flies off and we have to turn around to retrieve it out of the water, so now I have not only slightly wet shorts and shirt on but my sun visor is dripping wet as I stick it back on my head. I have to keep the sun off my nose the Dr. said so, or it will fall off, I always get a sunburned nose.
Ok onward we go and I have to say it was very pleasant that is until suddenly the seat I'm sitting on crashed to the bottom of the boat for some unknown reason and the two of us just started to crack up laughing, you know the real belly laugh that you can't stop even if you tried.
At that point I told him I will not be going boating with him any more I don't think it is conducive to my well being, I never had such troubles sailing ever!!!

We made it back to the dock without any more mishaps but the first thing Sweetman says to me is "Ok, now how are we going to get it out of the water"? We did it just the day before without any problems so I don't know why it was such a hassle this time but it sure made for an eventful Saturday. Not so funny then but hilarious now!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my cell phone has suffered a cardiac arrest, it is not meant to be submerged in water it was hooked to my waist.


Mari said...

You are so funny! I could picture the whole thing and have been laughing out loud reading this!
Glad you two have a good sense of humor.

Cheri said...

Nancy- you crack me up! Next time take a video camera (wrapped in a plastic bag for it's own protection :)
Thank goodness for humor huh!

Connie said...

Laughing is much better than crying. My husband and I used to go boating with my brother and his wife and we quite often had trouble getting the boat in the water too. There was always someone next to us that won't have any trouble at all. Sometimes we would like it if everyone was having the same trouble, right?

Sandra said...

LOL that is so funny Nancy