Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Smartie!!

I'm not a car salesman but I just have to show you this cute little car.

My sister and I have been trying to get together a bit more often for coffee, lunch or whatever now since the weather is somewhat better and we both have to drive a few miles to meet.

We have been trying to pick different places that will be about half way for us both to save a buck here and there.

So today what does she show up in??? Yeah, this cute little car that gets between 40 and 37 MPG's.

Of course I had my camera along so I could show off this little bit of a car. As you can see it really has comfortable leg room but there is only leg room for two, no back seat in this car. It has a fair about of storage in the back with easy access of a hatch back. According to my sister she can get seven bags of groceries in it.

I didn't ride in it but, heard it run and Sweetman says it sounded like a sewing machine!!!

As we watched her drive away my first thought was it looks like a over sized roller skate.

She tells us that were ever she goes with it she gets stares and it has been a conversation starter with complete strangers. She is even carrying around extra information to hand out to people who have more technical questions about the mechanics of it.

Oh yeah, they come in some really bright colors like red, & yellow and you can even get fancy skins to put on the doors to change it up once in a while. Just like the kids do with their cell phones... What a hoot..Ya gotta love it..


Anonymous said...

What make/model is that?

Mari said...

What a cute little car. I love the gas mileage!

Sandra said...

It's cute AND those miles per gallon are AWESOME.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for sharing that with us! That's a cute lttle car! I'll bet it gets great gas mileage. :) Amen & amen!

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marina said...

wow love the car sooooo! cute ,marina

Susan said...

What fun. I've seen a few of these around.

Lisa said...

Happy Easter!
God Blessyou an dyour family.

Shelly said...

You had me laughing when you said it looks like a roller skate, then I looked again and thought, what the heck? it does look like a rollerskate. LOL

It is cute, but does not look real safe.