Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, I never

I was informed this afternoon that I am challenged....
Yes, you read that correctly.
My wonderful friend and co-worker, Mari, told me this afternoon during the course of a conversation that wasn't really going anywhere in particular, that left handed people have more mental issues than right handed people.. I'm not sure just where she gets her information from but I do know that she should watch it, because she admitted that she has a son who is left handed sooooo???

I have a perfectly wonderful explanation for this profound information, and anyone who is left handed will probably agree with me. We who are privileged to have been born in our right minds and are of course left handed were launched at birth into a left brained, right handed world. Left (no pun intended) to adjust our selves to a right handed world, mastering the use of simple things like scissors, magazines reading, yes believe it or not a left handed person prefers to read from back to front. Many tools with handles are preformed for right hand use force a left hander to use it in an awkward manor. These are just a few examples of the adjustments that right brained people have to deal with.

Of course we have mental issues just figuring out how to live a simple life in a right handed predominate world would make anyone have mental issues!!! Have you ever had to share a computer with a right handed person??? They are constantly leaving the mouse on the wrong side of the computer... oh, I tell you that is exasperating, not to mention the mental anguish that it causes a perfectly calm left handed person!!!!

I still like my friend and many of you know her well, she is a super nurse and a fun person to work with so I will have to forgive her for these false accusations against left handed little ole' me. But, I am curious are there any other left handed people out there who feel its not us who are mentally challenged but just maybe its the left brained world that is all wrong???


Mike Golch said...

I'm not going near this one except to say if you are born left handed and FORCED TO BECOME RIGHT HANDED AS I WAS,that is where the mental issues come into play.That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Mari said...

Well - I could go in so many directions with this one!
First, I have to tell you that you have just proven that you have a few issues because that conversation took place this morning as we were doing our med pass!
Second - I was attempting to give you an excuse for your behavior!
Third - My right handed brain remembers these little tidbits of information, such as - If you are left handed and are forced to do things in a right handed manner, it can cause some problems (as Mike pointed out)
So - I still love you even though you totally misunderstood my innocent little piece of trivia. :)

Lisa said...

I have to take up for the lefties.I am right handed but my Dad is left handed. He is very smart and my aunt who is in heaven now was also a lefty, she had so many talents.I always thought people with the ability to write with the left hand were very smart. My kids actauly used both but now us their right hand.

Andrew Bruins said...

Wow, you point out many good things about us lefties. I always knew you were a smart lady.

Susan said...

We have a left-handed son-in-love. Truthfully I never even think about it, until we eat and he has to be sure where he sits.

Cheri said...

I'm sure Mari only said it out of love for you- If you heard her cackling as she said it- I'm sure it was just coincidental :)

Truthfully I've always felt bad for lefties because I know it is an adjustment.

Aspiemom said...

I'm with Mari on this one. HeHe!

We'll still associate with you and cut you some slack!

Wasn't Mari's comment a hoot?

Sandra said...

LOL you and Mari just crack me up.

Pat said...

Go get her Nancy. Let me know if you need any help!!!