Tuesday, July 29, 2008

YIKES, talk about interrogation mind numbing to say the least

I know I'm getting old but really!!!! Let me explain... I took Mari's, little Japanese memory test or what ever you want to call it and my first score was 120!!!!!

Yeah, you read that right.

Now, I really think I have an excuse for this if you will just hear me out. I am slightly older than the rest of you people out there, I admit that, but you have to remember I didn't grow up with a joy stick or mini hand held computer game in my hand. I didn't even get a cell phone until I was, well just a few years ago and I still don't really know how to use all the stuff that it is capable of doing. Therefore my eye hand coordination has never been developed like the 2-3 year olds of today. Yes they can use a cell phone, a computer, Ipod, Mp3 thing amajig and even know how to run the remote control for the T.V. which I admit I have to study a few minutes before turning on the blasted set. So you can imagine how I felt after learning that my brain is about twice as old as I am in real years. I took the game over and once I figured out just what I was supposed to be trying to do my next score was 49, now that isn't to bad so, I played it again and got 53, OK this is now becoming a challenge. I think I played that stupid thing about six times with a different score each time. I did improve but I never got less than 45, I guess that isn't to bad so I left it at that. Of course by this time my poor pea brain has been pretty taxed so I had to go to bed to rest it. And its a good thing I did because this morning who do I find at my little ole' peoples home that I work at????

The Federal Inspectors!!!!! just what my poor over taxed brain did not need. Even after the good night of sleep that I got I was still stewing over my poor scores on the silly game and pondering playing it until I could at least get a 35, which was a very good age for me.. once.....

We just had our State Inspectors in to do their thing in June and now the FEDS!!!! They announced that they visit only about every 8-10 years and that is true but why now???

Anyway I spent the day answering questions and being grilled on this and that, finding notes on the computer from years ago, looking up treatments or at least trying to find it somewhere in the charts. Questions Questions... I felt like my brain was a mush ball at the end of the day and I wasn't the only one sitting on the witness stand so to speak. My director of Nursing was pulling her hair out and my good colleagues and fellow nurses were going through the same grilling procedures. The Nurses aides were having just as much fun with an inspector standing over them as they cared for the elderly. One of our more cognitive men told me to send them his way & he would tell them a thing or two (in our defense of course)

I must say that these people were at least human and they were courteous and even friendly. Not like their counter parts from the State, you can read about them here, I even felt like I was treated as if I had a brain.
Now if you will excuse me I think I will go try that game again to see if I can improve on my score.... sigh


Shelly said...

Crazy! Faith told me a little bit about all of that.

My brain would be mush too after doing all that you did too. LOL

Edge of Design said...

Okay, I'm up with the cows and chickens (figure of speech) but I'm giggling away at 4:00. Too funny! You just cracked me up with your brain game. Sorry about the inspections but they are just doing their job and I know you know that. You want these places inspected. The process isn't so pleasant huh?, but necessary.

Mari said...

Any brain test you do after spending a day with inspectors is not a valid test. Try again next week!

Cheri said...

I was going to tease you a bit about your score but I just couldn't do it since you're having to deal with inspectors yet again!

I hope you have a good day today!

Cathy said...

You certainly do have a good excuse after the day you had! Maybe mine was not too bad for an old lady.

51,39,and 38

Deb said...

That score is due to ALL the WISDOM you hold in your brain. . .lol