Monday, June 2, 2008

Twenty years span the difference!!!

Aren't these two people just the nicest looking people you ever laid eyes on, wouldn't you trust your, bank account, first born, favorite T-shirt, to them, OK maybe, just think that they would be the trustworthy type if you saw them on the street??. Which they are of course.

They are both very special people in my life and I know they are trust worthy but this is about father and daughter. Sweetman recently had a birthday and so did my wonderful step daughter. There is a span of twenty years between them but I'm not giving out ages. Oh no, that just might change the relationship I have with both of them!!!
Seriously, this lovely lady just had us over for a delicious dinner to celebrate her father's birthday and we took her a figurine from the Willow Tree collection, called father and daughter to celebrate hers. Her father picked it out all by himself. He's very good that way..
She is one of the sweetest daughters and has always put others before her own needs, she leads a Bible study, works, keeps house, cooks great meals, has raised three beautiful daughters of her own, and has time to spend with her own grandchildren. She has overcome some sad times but with the Lord as her guide has outshown them all.
God places some wonderful people in our paths and we should always remember to thank Him for them.


Mari said...

What a nice tribute to the two of them. Since I know your hubby, I can attest to his sweetness which is shown in that nice gift. I'm sure his daughter is just as sweet!

Shelly said...

Hey Nan! Yes, I remembered Ray's birthday because it is the same as Faith's. I kept thinking of the dirk cake that you would bring into work to celebrate the two of them.

Very nice picture of Sweetman with his daughter. She sounds like an awesome person too.

I also collect the willow tree collection. I seen that one at the store and thought that was cool.

Take care my friend. OH, it will be nice working with you again also.

Laura said...

They both look very sweet. And yes I would trust them with my bank account! And they are so cute too - your hubby is very handsome, and your stepdaughter is very pretty!

Happy Birthday to both of them!

Cheri said...

What a beautiful picture of father and daughter. They both look 29!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday to both of them. What a great figurine for them both. It fits perfectly!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a sweet post and tribute and so wonderful the father picked out the perfect Willow Tree!!

Cathy said...

Loved that picture and sweet post, Nancy. Happy Birthday wishes to your loved ones.

Saija said...

awww, what a great pic ...
sounds like you are all blessed in your fam relationship! :o)