Thursday, June 5, 2008

I got the winning draw!!

I never win anything, nope never, well ok, once I won a free setting and 8x10 photograph of any or all members of my family that ended up costing me a bunch of money because they made you feel so guilty if you didn't order all the extra prints that they took just in case. But the 8x10 was free none the less
Your looking at a book that I just received from my good friend and co-worker Mari along with a gift certificate to Bigby coffee. (my favorite). Mari had a give away to celebrate her anniversary in blogging for a year and I was the one picked by the random number generator. I assure you it was all on the up and up, really.
I started to read this little book tonight and it is an easy read with alot of good stuff to motivate the unmotivated. It's about a young man who has terminal cancer and his way to leave a legacy for his young children. Randy Pausch has done a super job not only to leave a legacy of his dreams and life but setting an example to all. The Last Lecture is a nice gift, as is the Bigby gift certificate. Thanks Mari


Shelly said...

Hey Nan, It is really nice to get gifts. That sounds like it might be interesting. Happy reading!

Cathy said...

Congratulations, Nancy and Mari on your one year blogaversary!

Terri said...

I'm thinking that contest was
rigged! :)
congrats on the win and hope you enjoy the goodies!

Mari said...

I guarantee that it wasn't rigged - but how nice that you won it!

Nancy said...

Really really is wasn't rigged!!! and to book is very good.. Makes one grateful for health.

Cherdecor said...

Congratulations but I think that Mari forgot to tell you that you will have to pay for your own donut at Bigby coffee! Oh well, at least the book was free! Hee! Hee!