Friday, June 20, 2008

Soft sweet smelling feet, with polished toes too

Before I explain the pictures I have to tell you I work for one very generous and thoughtful lady. Way back in November the director of Nursing gave all the nurses a gift certificate to have a pedicure.

With that said, today was the first opportunity that I had to redeem the certificate. I have never in my life spent the time or money on myself for such a luxury, so this was a first for me. I didn't know what I was missing out on!!!

Not knowing just what to expect my good friend and co-worker Mari, agreed to go along with me to have hers at the same time. The only problem is we work together so much that to coordinate a day off for both of us at the same time is a challenge no less than moving a mountain, that is why it took till now for us to go to the spa.

We were greeted as soon as we walked in by beautifully coiffed and lovely young ladies asking what we would like to drink. As soon as we had our drinks we were called into this fabulous darkened hallway with candles lining the walls and lovely spa smells, to be led into another dimly lit room with special chairs with bubbling hot mineral water for our feet to be bathed in, oh, it was heaven almost!!! Not only was the foot bath heavenly but the chairs we sat in had rollers that massaged our backs and if we choose we could ad vibration to aid in relaxing us... as if I needed that to relax me. I felt relaxed, special and pampered as soon as I walked into the salon.

This is Ashley the young lady who did my toes with gentle touches. She has been doing this for 6 years, and her gentle massage with creams, exfoliating salts, and tingling astringents felt like a million butterflies fluttering over my calves and feet. At one point I almost did fall asleep.

This is the equally as skilled young women that did Mari's, I forgot what her name was but she had a warm smile and cute dimples, she said she had been doing this for 13 years!!! Don't you think she has the cutest cap on???

They both told us some ladies chat constantly and others just enjoy the peace and serenity of having your feet pampered.

Mari and I both chatted off and on but we got real quiet during the massaging portion, it was so delightful!!! That' when I almost fell asleep..

While sitting there our ears were tickled with the soft bubbling sounds from water fountains and piped in relaxing music. We were told we could have brought our own music, Ipods or cassettes but I can barely turn on the T.V with the remote control so no Ipod for me.

Here is the final results, we both choose the same color and the girls agreed that it was a good pick for our skin coloring. We even got these lovely flip flops to wear home, so's not to muss up the nail polish. They didn't last long tho' Mari broke hers by the time we got to the car. I tell ya I can't take her anywhere!!!

The whole process took almost 2 hours and I felt very refreshed and pampered as we walked out the door. I'm not so sure I will ever spend that kind of money on myself for another pedicure but if my ship ever comes in I just might consider it.

A big Thank you to our gracious DON for her generous gift, it was so nice and I for one appreciated it....


Cathy said...

lol, laughing about Mari ~
What a treat and experience for you ~
You do have a wonderful boss.

Laura said...

Yes Nancy - I do know about my mom - we have those same problems with not being able to take her anywhere, she's just a troublemaker! Your toes do look very pretty though!

Anonymous said...

A salon that gets it!! So they do exist. Thanks for letting us know. Just from your writing, I can tell you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. I have a feeling that is what DON was hoping.

Cheri said...

I got to enjoy a free pedicure last year also- I totally get what you mean about not spending that kind of money because normally it was $50!
It was fabulous though!
Your toes look great- enjoy that soft skin!

Mari said...

Wasn't it a great treat? I sure appreciated it too, and it was only made better by the great company I had!
PS - I'm stealing a few of your pictures, because mine didn't turn out too well. I didn't think you would mind!

Cherdecor said...

You lucky girls! Glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

WOW! that is a very special gift, She knows how hard you work! You both deserve it:) what a treat!!

Dawn said...

A very thoughtful gift. But I'm afraid I would never go, because I have such awful toes I would be embarrassed to bare them before the pedicurist! Or whatever they're called. I have had a massage and facial in that same kind of atmosphere, though, and it was so relaxing!

Thanks for coming over to visit - it has been awhile since we connected!

Lisa said...

So glad you ladies enjoyed your trip to the spa.It's been a while since I've treated myself to this luxury.But we are all worth it~
Take care. Lisa

Lynn said...

I saw this over at Mari's blog too. What a fun girl's day! Glad you had a chance to be pampered. What pretty toes!

Andrew Bruins said...

You did deserve that. You all work hard over at the nursing home. I know how it is with my mom and not being able to take her anywhere. she is wicked.