Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello, Have I been gone that long

Oh, my stars its been forever since my last post, I think I've been sufferin from some kind of writers block, or maybe just havin to much fun outside until dark so I don't have time to write.. Yeah that's it.... any how I just came in now and felt suddenly guilty that I haven't written one word in such a long time that I sat right and wrote myself a letter... Isn't that a song title???

I only have time to tell you about one of my friends, yes, I do have a friend or two.. anyway they sell those really handy flour sack towels among many other things so I wanted to share with you their web site. so here it is... go on over and check it out they have some nice things at nice prices.. and they are my friends. Maybe you could get Mom something she would like for her special day comin up real soon.


Shelly said...

Hey Nan--Looks great and sounds great. I will let Ted know so he can take a look and he can get out a gift package to you.
What a beautiful day we had today. I don't blame you for not writing in a while. I do think that is a song and I am trying to figure out who?

Terri said...

I've had some writers block lately too. Sometimes there's just not much going on to write about!

Sandra said...

I know the feeling, I get like that too but what I've started doing is just posting a picture or using lots of them if I have nothing to talk about LOL