Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a great day

I am so enjoying this mild fall weather, it has given my husband and myself more time to leisurely get the yard work done before the snow flies.

Today the sun was out and it got to about 60 degrees, that is incredible for Nov. 13Th.

We blew all the leaves out of the flower beds and I cleaned up all the wilted flowers and got hosta beds cleared out. Then Ray hopped on the Kubota and sucked up about a trillion leaves from the whole yard and for about 15 minutes we were ahead of the game, but alas our lovely ole' oak trees (we have about 8 of them) still have about a trillion leaves still on them so we will be repeating this scene again I'm sure.

While I was working away out there I was reflecting on the fact that today would have been my dad's birthday. He enjoyed going out to dinner, we would have done that again if he was still with us. This would have been his 85Th. He lived a full life and always said he did the things he wanted. I was remembering how he enjoyed the outdoors & often when I would visit him in the last years of his life I would find him sitting out in the sun in the back yard. His love for the sun and the outdoors is what finally did him in, he past away from melanoma. He is missed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, I know the deep loss, it was one year in march that my dad has been with the Lord. He went home on the first day of spring. yeah I miss both my parents very much,my mom went home 21 yrs ago.thank the Lord for memories.Hold on to those. glad you were able to get yard work done it was a beautiful day:)

Mari said...

It was a beautiful day - glad you were able to enjoy it. This would have been a day your Dad would have liked - it's nice to have those good memories of him on his birthday.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Sometimes those memories bring it all right back don't they!
I'm glad you have such wonderful memories of him. It was a beautiful day- glad you got so much done.

Laura said...

It's nice that when you see the nice weather you can always remember your Dad basking in it and enjoying it. Although it's sad to miss him - it's always nice to have those memories of good times, and seeing him happy.