Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

There are so many people in the world today who have given so much of their lives to keeping the freedoms we have in this country. Today is veterans day and I felt it needed to be mentioned here on my blog.
My father served and never really told what he saw in the war but he was always quick to give honor where honor was due and I know there are many men and women who have given more than we will ever imagine.

Most of you know I work in long term care facility and yesterday we had a brief ceremony to remember the individuals who served and I must say I saw a few tears when the names were read off and a brief description was given of which division they served in, where they served and for how long. The Pledge of allegiance was said and those who could stood with hands over their hearts & spoke every word with dignity. Many of them rarely speak or find it difficult to articulate thoughts but they could say this with clarity.

Veterans today we honor you.


Mari said...

What a great photo of your Dad. I'm sorry I missed the ceremony at work. I missed it last year too and I heard it was really touching then also.

Laura said...

It's so great to have those ceremony's and to remember. I was raised to be patriotic and I still am. It always bother me when you go to events and people are goofing off or ignoring it when we sing the National Anthem. I always think "Is it too much to stand still with your hand on your heart for 1 minute to honor our nation and the ones who have given so much to protect it?"

Thanks for posting about this. We need to love, respect and honor all our veterans. We owe our freedom to them! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Nancy- I love this post. I always get emotional over veterans and those that have served and are serving now. What sacrifices they have made and so many take it for granted. Thanks for posting about it today. Great picture of your dad!

Anonymous said...

Great post Nancy!! we also had a week end of great doings, and ceremonies for our veterans where I work. God Bless our Veterans!! love the picture of your dad.

Cathy said...

That is a sweet tribute, Nancy.