Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Whoa, I almost forgot about WFMW, and of course I didn't have anything prepared in my lil' noggin about what to write. But as I was baking these cookies this morning I thought maybe I could blog about something that WFM to relax and enjoy a day at home.

I rarely get a chance to bake or for that matter even cook a meal, my great husband who is retired does alot of the meal planning so I don't fuss over that to much. But I do like to cook and bake when I have the time to do it and find it very relaxing.

Many of you stay at home mom's are still struggling with little kids, home schooling, cooking,cleaning, and you are thinking this lady is nuts to think that baking can be a relaxing thing but I have been there done all that so now when I have the time I do find it relaxing. I also know there also many of you who are seniors retired and may feel the same as I do about spending time in the kitchen. I guess I am considered a senior but
but still out in the working field. Some day I hope to join the retired seniors and then
will probably wish I was working. Ahh, never satisfied are we.

Any way I made these delish cookies this cold fallish day and the house is filled with the
sweet aroma of them.
You will notice I made two different batches one without raisins which I really dislike and one with which my husband dearly loves so now we can both enjoy our own.

Just for you info they are called "Ruth" cookies and are not only delicious but good for you with things like wheat germ, coconut, oatmeal, nuts, and whole wheat flour.

This WFMW I spent the morning doing what makes my heart happy and fills the tummy with goodness.
I didn't follow the rules of backwards WFMW, but maybe a few of you feel the same as I do so if so leave a comment...Check out the rest at Rocks in my dryer.
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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I love raisin cookies- Mark doesn't so I usually don't get them. That's a great idea to split the recipe and add raisins only to some.

Mari said...

They look good - if I was making them for me I would keep the raisins and leave out the nuts!

Mimi said...

and if I was making them for me... I would leave in the raisins and nuts!!
they smell good coming right through the blog lines!!

Laura said...

Those look delicious - actually the dough looks great - I LOVE cookie dough. I'm not big on raisins either. I'll have to get that recipe from you so that I can eat cookies and say it's healthy!

And Nancy - goodness sakes - you are NOT a senior!