Friday, November 16, 2007

communication gap

I haven't had a lot to say of late but recently the channel of communication has reopened between myself & my son. This is a very good thing & long awaited blessing. He has long been out of the house & like many boys just seems to have drifted away with other more important things in his life then keeping in touch with family.

Recently he has had some unfortunate & untimely events happening to him & has been calling his family for support & to just know we care. I for one could not be more pleased, I truly believe this is a turning point in his life, one I have prayed for over & over again. God will touch his heart & bring him into the heavenly fold one day & this may just be the beginning of far greater things for his life.

We raise our children to be independent & hope they will succeed in life but we also continue to pray for them once they have grown & stepped out into the world that the world will not win their souls. I lift all my children up to the Lord daily & sometimes several times a day. The biblical story of the prodigal son is an inspiration to me because I was once a prodigal daughter. I have hope for all the prodigal sons & daughters out there that they to will come home to the Lord & find their true peace among the chaos of this world. If you want to read the whole story look up Luke 15.
"and when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, "Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep which was lost" Luke 15:6
This is so great because at some point in all our lives we are lost sheep.

If my life can be touched & changed into a daughter of the King, then so can many others who have strayed away. I have faith that will be true of my son. I'm so grateful for the promises we have been given in the Bible.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Nancy, I'm so happy for you- that must be such a blessing. I imagine it's extra sweet when you've had some struggles with them. I'll pray for you and your son.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will Pray also. Keep your focus and stand firm on Gods Promises in His word!! HALLELUJAH!!

Mari said...

I've been praying for him and will continue. We never know what God is using to work in our lives and it may be this tough time for him.

Nancy said...

Thanks to all of you! God is a God who has plans for all of us, so I say Keep Lookin up!!!

Laura said...

Wow Nancy! That is good news and such a blessing. And I guess another reminder that sometimes God uses the difficulties in our lives to bring us where we need to be. I'm so happy for this good news for you.

Myra said...

We, too, had a prodigal son. I will pray for your son. ----Myra