Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This is my question to any one out there with wisdom about those discusting little creatures Moles, not the kind we grow on our skin but the kind that leave bumps of dirt in the yard. All summer we have had a only one or two of those pesky critters making tunnels in the grass, but all of a sudden we seem to have several tunnels going all over so, if anyone knows a great remedy to say good riddens to them let me know. We have tried all the grub killers & other well known cures that have not done the trick. If you have a question you need an answer to check out others at Shannon's at rocks in my dryer.


Capturing Today said...

We had one show up in our yard this summer. My mom said she had heard that if you had loud windchimes nearby it would keep them away. So, I went to Fred's and for $10 bought some of those deep-toned chimes that are about 3 feet long and hung it at the end of my porch where the mole was playing. It seemed to work, as it went away and we haven't had any problems since! Worth a try, I guess!

Jamie said...

Totally gross, but it worked for us against moles and mice- ferret poop tea. Find a ferret shelter or ferret owner in the area. Get some dried poop, put it in a gallon jug and let it steep in the sun for a few days. Pour it where you have problems.

Nancy said...

Thanks ladies for the info. I'm not sure if we will try the ferret tea but I bet it works.. Yuk I do have wind chimes tho..