Friday, October 19, 2007

Its been a long time

Well, I bet you have all about given up on me, its' been along time since my last post. The week has been a long one and isn't over yet for me at least, my week-end to work. I have spent most of my time working this week and when not doing that it has been very bad weather and I refuse to be on the computer in lightening storms.

It was about 2 years ago when I left the computer plugged in and we had a bad lightening storm, living so close to a large body of water has alot to do with how fast the storms come across the lake. Anyway to make a long story short my computer got fried along with the garage door opener, & the answering machine from a very close lightening strike, so I don't want to loose another computer. Seems the electricity can travel through the phone lines and since I still have the dial up I tend to get nervous when storms start arriving in my area. Hence I totally unplug, unhook, un everything. I just this evening plugged it all back in.

I finally figured out how to add a picture to my profile( in case you hadn't noticed) thanks to the expertise of my wise friend Mari, she seems to have all the blogging knowledge.

You have to remember that I come from an era when computers were just being introduced and only very large businesses or the very wealthy had computers. I am pretty much self taught and not very well at that. If my grand kids lived closer I know I could learn much more and even have them do some of the adding side bar stuff. Now that I have you all feeling sorry for me, well OK maybe not, but all this to say I enjoy learning how to do different things and to stave off Alzheimer's or what ever happens to our aging brains. I think blogging is somewhat helpful plus another way to express my thoughts which is something I never did in the form of writing. Or if you prefer to call it rambling which this is becoming tonight, I think my brain has turned off for the day so I better end this right now before I say some really dumb stuff and have you all scratching your head. Its been a long day so good nite ya'll


Mari said...

I was worried about my computer in the storms too, and I haven't fried one (yet). Also - I am certainly not so computer savvy - I just asked someone else before you did. (I don't even have a picture posted yet!)

Saija said...

i like the pic! i noticed it right away ... mari was a good girl to help out!

hope you get a good rest tonight ...

Laura said...

I noticed the new picture right away too! Cool! I don't use the computer in storms either. I always think it's funny that the weather people say - if you have photos of the storm or want to tell us what's going on, send us an e-mail. Then in the next sentence, they say "THIS IS VERY SERIOUS - YOU ALL NEED TO BE IN THE BASEMENT OR IN A ROOM WITHOUT WINDOWS." What? I thought you wanted us outside in the storm to take pictures to e-mail you on our computer that shouldn't even be on! Oh well.

And yes it was a crazy week last week - and with the holidays coming up, I don't see it slowing down at all!

Cathy said...

I noticed and also liked your picture. I just got my computer a few years ago. I was always afraid of computers, and now I just love mine. I also had to learn myself, and I really need to take a computer course.