Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Covered Bridges

There is something about covered bridges that are sort of romantic, nostalgic and serene all at the same time. In our travels we have visited many covered bridges and I can't help but wonder how many folks have sought refuge under these bridges to be shielded from the elements that we are so subjected to in Michigan.

To think that just 2 days ago we were experiencing near 90 degree weather with bright sun and now today it is in the 40's and raining.

Only in Michigan can you get such a variety of weather in the blink of an eye.

Has any one ever read A.W. Tozer's books??? My small group Bible study is now reading "The knowledge of the Holy" we are examining the self-existence of God, I have never given this concept much thought, and have always just knew that God always existed I just never really delved into this concept that He has no origin. Origin is a word that can apply only to the things created. God is self-existent, while all created things necessarily originated somewhere at some time. Aside from God, nothing is self-caused. Awesome thinking isn't it?? God has created everything the exists today and has ever existed for all time. John 1:1-3. There is much more depth to this study than I can even begin to tell you about on this blog. But the bottom line is God is one day returning and we who are believers will be reunited in a place that will be so gorgeous our minds can not grasp at the wonder of it, just like we can not grasp at the oneness of the trinity.

Revelation 1:8

"I am the Alpha and the Omega."

says the Lord God.

"Who is and who was and who

is to come, the Almighty"

I like this little poem from Frederick W. Faber
Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely
Yet sublimely Three
Thou art grandly, always, only
God in Unity!
Lone in grandeur, one in glory,
Who shall tell Thy wondrous story?
Awful Trinity!

All of this to say God is so big, our minds are not able to comprehend the incomprehensible whole truth of Him. We just know He is there for us and has created us to worship Him.


Mari said...

I love covered bridges!
I have heard a lot about Tozer but never studied him. Like you I haven'y thougth much about this - just knew God always existed. I bet it's an interesting study.

smilnsigh said...

Hello Nancy and thank you for stopping by my blog. And especially thank you, for leaving a comment.

Thank you for your nice words. I'm glad your leaves are really turning. It's being kind of slow up here. But maybe the leaf turning will pick up, this week.

And I wanted you to know that my names were spelled with a 'y' when I was born. In high school, I decided to change the 'y' to 'i'. ,-) So I'm...


smilnsigh said...

Oh and yes, I too love covered bridges!!!


Anonymous said...

great teachings.. I am learning about Gods heart,yeah its amazing how we keep growing Spiritually!! love it:)

Renee said...

There definitely is something special about covered bridges - isn't there - it's almost like a welcome home sign or something!
I love Tozer's books! Keep us posted on how it all goes!


Laura said...

It is awesome to think about. It makes your little mind feel so tiny! When you put that in combination with the fact that he's kept us around, and that he gave his son for us and now sees us as his own sons and daughters, it's even more remarkable!

And yes, covered bridges are beautiful!

Mimi said...

sounds like a great study...I believe I will suggest it of our bible study group...
Covered bridges always make me think of small town cozy!!!