Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Worship!!!

Today is Sunday & the sermon was awesome at my church. It was in a nut shell, on the Sovereignty of God. He is so big that we can get a handle on Him, we tend to put Him in a box so we can understand but we will never understand fully until we get to heaven.
One of the questions in my small group tonight was how do you think of God?? We can't begin to phantom just how big God really is, can we? but we do know alot about God through His son & what we read in the Bible. We just have to read it!!!!
God is a Ruler, so we have to give up our lives for Him to control because He has a much better plan for us than we have for ourselves.
God is indestructible, He has no beginning & no end. Hard to picture this in our pea brains. He was dead on the cross but now lives. We need to look up!!
God is a righteous Judge, we need to clean up if we are believers so that we will not be stumbling blocks to others especially the unbelievers that are always watching us.
God is All knowing, He has eyes of fire & is an all consuming fire, an executioner, we need to speak up & tell others
God is Lord of the Church, we need to wake up & tell the truth as the truth is written in the Word.
God is Omnipotence, authentic, real, & the one authority we need to keep up our faithfulness to Him
God is truth, we need to open up, only through Jesus is life.
Sundays are great aren't they?? Hope yours was as good as mine!!!!!

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Mari said...

Glad you had a good Sunday! You are so right - it is impossible for our little pea brains to comprehend the greatness of God. And yet he cares about our little day to day struggles!