Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Reunion

Well I have tried to get some pictures on here of the great time we had as a family but for some reason nothing is co-operating tonight.
There's nothing like family & to have so many of us in one place was so much fun. Ages ranged from just under a year old to my sweet mom in-law who is 90. She held up amazingly well & stayed up till the late hours of the night with the rest of us around the campfire.
I think there were about 26-28 of us all in one location for the last 3 days, most traveling over 300 miles to get together. We had uncles, aunts, moms, dads, kids, cousins, grandparents, brothers, sisters & just about any of the in-laws & out laws you can imagine. Some stayed in trailers, or campers & others stayed in a local hotel that was only about 2 miles away. The hosts had this so well planned out that we lacked for nothing. We ate our meals in a large poll barn that was well stocked with food for any kind of meal you can think of. The main meals consisted of BBQ's with all the fixins, on the first day & the next we cooked 3 huge turkeys in those deep fryers, & all kinds of salads. Hot dogs & Hamburgs the third day & in between, snacks of cookies, banana bread, chips & salsa, cheese cake, root beer floats. I can't even remember all the food that we consumed.
The kids had fun shooting water balloons with a launcher that looked like a big sling shot, & they even managed to lob one right through an open car window, (mine of course) fortunately they were small balloons with not to much water in them & no damage was done, just a lot of laughs.
We were in an area of woods with acres of trails & the quads were running from dawn to dusk, through all kinds of dusty roads to lumpy bumpy trails, & along a beautiful remote river. I don't think I have ever been so dirty since I was a kid. It took washing my hair 3 times to get the dirt out, the water was a lovely rust color, just like the dirt.
Evenings we were all around the campfire, telling tales & talking about the activities of the day. Listening to the night sounds, & watching the deer come within a few feet to eat the corn pile that was put out for them every evening. Of course marshmallows, smores & hobo pies were consumed. Its funny how much brighter the stars are when you are away from city lights & have nothing but darkness around you. We could see many of the constellations in the sky with no trouble.
Most of the men in this family are hunters so target practice was on the agenda for one afternoon, while the ladies & teens went into town to do a bit of shopping. We have decided to do this again in 2 more years & maybe with careful planning we can get even more of the family to attend. I for one enjoyed the change of routine & even getting so dirty was not so bad.
Makes me think of a passage in Psalms 107:41 "and makes his families like a flock" That's just what we were a flock of people enjoying each other & life. Reunions aren't always a bad thing when everyone likes each other.. To bad we don't have more families like this one!!!!


Mari said...

I've just been fighting with pictures on my blog too. Maybe it's a blogger problem. How wonderful to spend time with family and enjoy each other and God's creation. I think God was smiling just watching you all!

Saija said...

awww ... that fam time is so precious ... so glad you realize it & revelled in it! :o)

Laura said...

Family is great - I agree. And it's always so fun to all be together just talking and laughing - and of course eating! I'm glad you had a great time.

Renee said...

How neat that you did this last week! We had our family reunion last week too! It was such a sweet and special family time!

Sweet blessings!

Anonymous said...

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