Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Many of you have had the frustration of putting socks in the dryer & upon taking them out find that the mate is missing. I have found a solution to what to do with the remaining sock. I do set it aside for a week hoping that the lost one will show up but if it doesn't then I employ that sock to my pile of dusting rags. It makes for a very easy dust cloth, just put it over your hand & wipe the objects that need the white glove test. Of course this works best with the cotton socks but if you have wool they make great polishing cloths for silver or chrome items. Hope this is a tip you can use.....If you want more ideas visit shannon at rocks in my dryer


Mari said...

Good tip - too bad it couldn't be linked to the main site!

Laura said...

That's a great idea Nancy! Usually they just end up getting left in the corners of the drawers in hope that some day the prodigal sock will return - but that's a better way to put it to use!