Monday, July 16, 2007

The Rest of the week-end

The wedding was the highlight of the week-end of course, but the rest of it wasn't to bad either. After church, Ray said to me lets just take off & go somewhere, so we went home threw a few things in a bag & grabbed a bite to eat & off we went. We headed north & stopped to see some friends who were camping at Silver Lake.

We watched the crazy people in all kinds of vehicles cars, 4 wheelers, Jeeps & homemade what evers run up & down the dunes. It looked like fun & I wanted to join the rest of the crazies & take the Jeep for a spin, but decided against it because apparently your insurance becomes invalid on the dunes. We may still do this someday but when it is less busy., maybe on a week day.

We did climb the dune to see what was on the other side, & found about 3 more big dunes, plus a beautiful view of the lake. We could see some of the sail boats that were competing in the Chicago to Mack race & the site was awesome with the big spinnaker sails full of air & the boats gliding smoothly along the shimmering water.

Then on to one of my favorite lighthouses, Pt. Betsy, I think it is one of the most picturesque lighthouses on the the Lake. They were doing some renovations so we couldn't go in it but just looking at it was good enough.

We spent the night in a family run motel & really relaxed for a change. I don't think we even stopped at a garage sale all week end. That means Ray relaxed too...We did buy some sweet cherries & when we got home enjoyed them...

I'm sure back to work tomorrow will burst my bubble of fun but it was a great one.!!!!
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Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your niece was beautiful and the wedding looked beautiful too.
We should do that sometime - just pack and leave somewhere and adventure - that sounds like a fun idea!

Saija said...

lovely pics! glad you had a good time ... :o)