Monday, July 16, 2007

The Reception

The reception was fun too, it was held at the Above and Beyond Garden tent at the Oak Ridge Golf Club in Muskegon. The weather couldn't have been better, we had rain in the morning which we needed so badly but by 2pm wedding time the skies cleared & stayed perfect for the rest of the day & evening. I told the newlyweds the Lord gave them a blessing with the rain in the morning & sun for the wedding & reception.

This was the wedding parties table, we are patiently waiting for them to show up so we can eat!!!! We are all starving, but wouldn't you know it out table was the third last to get to the buffet. Food was great as well, but we would have eaten anything we were so hungry!!!!!
This of course is after the meal, the Brides dance, & all the other formalies. Now, we can get to get into the act. They had a real fun DJ who actually got out on the floor & taught the hustle, & a few other line dances. We had a great time & would you believe without a drop of alcohol to drink..... that isn't something that is needed in this family to have fun. We are all kinda wild & crazy without any substances of any kind... Ray even danced with me a few times.!!!
My two daughters together, they don't see each other much so it was a photo opportunity for me to get this picture. But check out the next one......
Tina said, you always have to take a goofy one with a normal one so I think this qualifies as the goofy one... It even scared both of them & they will not be happy to know I put it on the blog.
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Mari said...

Looks like a great time! The wedding tent is beautiful (So was the bride). I don't know Tine, but you can tell Faith that we don't need a silly picture to know that she is crazy! Glad you enjoyed your weekend - some of us were not enjoying ours!!!(I'll tell you about it tomorrow)

Laura said...

Wow Nancy! Your daughters look so much like you! It looks like a very fun family though.