Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Memory Bench

I finally figured the picture thing out. Aren't you all proud of me???
This is something I've wanted to show everyone, I call it "My Memory Bench" its a very special bench & there is a story that goes along with it of course.(theres always a story to everything in my life) Last December I lost my earthly father to cancer. The Lord took him home on Christmas day, now some of you will say "Oh that's awful on Christmas"!!! But that isn't the way I look at it. Christmas has never been my favorite holiday, simply because it is so commercial & the true meaning has been lost. But, with the passing of my Dad on that day only reminds me now of how God sent His Son into this world on the day we celebrate His birth & then to be given up for all the sins of the world. My outlook of Christmas has been changed.
This bench was a gift from some very special people that I work with who really listened to a wish that I mentioned in a passing converstaion one day that I would like a rustic bench to put in my yard but didn't know where to find one. A few days after my father died it was presented to me while at work as a gift in tribute to my Dad & now also as a reminder to me of what special people I work with. Once again I say life is good......
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Laura said...

That's really cool Nancy. What a neat idea to have something you'll see often and use to remember someone by.
I like the flower pots on and around it too - it looks nice.

Mari said...

I'm so glad you got this to post. It looks so peaceful in your yard and it's a great place to remember your Dad.