Friday, June 15, 2007

Crash Friday !

Well, this is my first attempt at this thing called blogging. I'm not exactly sure how to begin but will give it the ole' college try.

I always have called Fridays "crash friday", simply because it means the busy work week is finally over & one can look forward to the week-end. However in my business week-ends don't always mean a day off. My job by profession is Nursing, & most people know that line of work does not get week-ends off. Needless to say this is my week-end to work.

Fathers day is also this week-end so I would like to say "Happy Fathers Day" to all the fine gentlemen out there. Being a good father is not an easy job, & today with all the negative influences out in this world it is extremely hard to be the kind of father that our heavenly Father wants to see as head of the households. So hats off to all of you who are trusting in the Lord for direction in raising a family & setting godly examples. I lost my earthly father just this past Christmas day & I miss being able to celebrate with him.

I was just telling someone today that I have all these thoughts roaming around in my head all day but then when I sit down to write at the computer they somehow float away. I guess that may have something to do with getting older. At least that is a valid excuse for now.

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Mari said...

I am excited to be reading your blog. You have done a great job so far!