Thursday, September 20, 2012

ART WALK in Grand Haven

Hey everyone, many of you know about the Art Prize event in Grand Rapids, which is huge but not so many know about the Art Walk in Grand Haven that is on a much smaller scale but no less significant to the artists taking place at Art Prize. Its going on right now in conjunction with the Grand Rapids event and were are just 30 minutes or so to the west of G.R. Here is some of the information about Art Walk so if you don't like the crowds or the parking issues in G.R. come on over to Grand Haven it will be alot less hectic. And it is a beautiful city right on the coast of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Grand Haven ArtWalk is an annual collaboration of artists, local businesses and members of the lakeshore community in a collective celebration of art. Artists from the local area and beyond participate in an art competition in the following categories: photography, paintings, mixed media and sculpture. ArtWalk 2012 will take place Sept. 19 - Oct. 6.

Along with daily public judging and juried voting, ArtWalk 2012 will boast a series of evening soirees that highlight the artists, venues and friends of ArtWalk. There will also be street parties complete with free food and live music, wine tastings, school field trips and a youth competition for artists ranging in age from 8 to 17 years, to name a few corresponding activities.

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Mari said...

We went last year and enjoyed it!