Thursday, July 5, 2012

 1 Peter 1:23-25
The human life is like that of a flower: it blooms and is beautiful for a time, but inevitably fades and withers away. By contrast, God is eternal and will never die or fade away.

 Can you see the dew on this beautiful lilly?? Even the flowers are holding on to any moisture they can get.
The gardens are beautiful right now but as the verse above says all of life will fade away. It has been so dry and hot here that no matter how much we water the grass and the flowers its not the same as a good steady soaking rain. All the same we can enjoy the beauty while it lasts.


Mari said...

I love that Astilbe! We can't get them to grow here.
Good reminders when we see those flowers.

Connie said...

Your pictures are beautiful. When I see the dew on the lily it looks like it is crying - please send rain, I'm thristy.