Monday, October 10, 2011


What a fun week end we had this past Sunday, we celebrated my mother in laws 95th birthday. She is an amazing lady still active, mentally sharp and loves to be around all her family.
 Several of us attended her little church service and just about filled one side of the church with all family members. Right after the service there was cake and coffee for all. We kind of did it backwards with desert first and then a potluck in the afternoon.
 The potluck was held in the commons room of the apartment complex where she lives, thankfully the weather was near perfect and several of us had to spill out onto the patio area to eat as the room was filled with over 70 people.

After eating we move to a local park area just across the street where the kids could play and the adults had a chance to visit. It was good to be with some of the family that we don't always get to see to often. The picture above is all family started by this one lady and her beloved husband.
This picture is Mom with all her kids, ya kids. Someone commented that the kids look like they have been around for awhile too. I like to think of them as the core group.  Mom had such a good time but I know it will take her about a week to recoup after all this excitement.  I think she will be talking about her 95th birthday for a long time. Were all so thankful for her and the example she has been to so many people. God has blessed her with longevity.


Mari said...

I love that you guys all went to church with her. I bet that was the highlight of her day - getting to show off her family! What a special day.

Connie said...

I noticed a lot of cars in the church parking lot and wondered what the occasion was. {I go to the crc next door.) I remember the Mr. & Mrs. Wolbers very well; always friendly and talkative when you met them. I went to grade school when many of the core group. Reminds me of the good ole days!

Shelly said...

That was wonderful of all of you to join her at church and make her birthday special. After all, she sounds like a special lady and deserves it!

Susan said...

How wonderful!!! And how blessed you are!!! She looks GREAT. Hope I look as good at that age.