Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ready to leave on a road trip to see our Aunt Evelyn who is 93 years old and has out lived all her own children. 

We started out about 9:30 this morning and traveled to the other side of the State, my sister, sister in law, daughter # 2, me, and little Pea.  
It was about a two hour ride and our little Pea was such a good traveler

Once we got there, we took the grand tour of Aunt Evelyn' s  new apartment complex, which by the way is first class with lovely dining rooms, a snack cafe, library, and several other amenities available to all who rent there. And they were preparing for a very special guest to show up for the evening entertainment, a rare appearance of Elvis!!!! This being the anniversary of the kings death, his rare appearance was going to be quite something.  Except she says it isn't her own home and even though it is very nice she wishes she could still live in her own home, but admits that all her needs are being met and everyone is very nice. At the age of 93 she knows this is the best arrangement for her.
We did take her out for lunch and all enjoyed a good meal, including little Pea. He was a big hit where ever we went, sorry the picture is a bit blurry but I had to include it to show you the cute stuffed animal the waitresses gave him just for being so good.

Aunt Eve gets around pretty good but does have to use her walker, I wanted to get a close up of her but just didn't get the opportunity. Her face is so wrinkled and she has earned every one of them, but it is a face of beauty filled with a life time of  love, experience, sadness and Joy. She does have grand children that see to her needs and live close by, and of course she has us her nieces.
We couldn't leave without getting a picture of all of us together.

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Mari said...

What a nice day! I think seeing all of you was great, but lil Pea probably stole the show!

Majid Ali said...
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Susan said...

It made me sad to read she has outlived all her children. Knowing the hurt and sadness of just outliving one of mine I pray God I do not out live my other 3. That just made me sad thinking about the pain she has gone through. How wonderful of you to go and visit her and take her out.

Connie said...

I'm sure when you made your plans to visit her you were thinking it was for her you were coming. I bet on the way home you found the visit did as much for you as it did for your Aunt. I'm sure she will talk about your visit for many weeks.

Saija said...

93 ... wow ... same age as billy graham ... tho our earthly years are short - compared to eternity ... so good to be able to rest in Jesus ...