Friday, May 6, 2011


You were my mother and my friend,
which was unusual.
Somehow our characters still blend;
Your wisdom and my will.
I turned, and you were there for me; I spoke you understood.
I felt cared for, but also free;
You loved, and I was good.
I fortunate that I was born to someone just as you.
I love you still, though you are gone, You live in what I do.
Unknown author

My mom passed awau unexpectdly in 2002, I miss her still and always will.

Both of my parents are gone from this world and if you can see the dates on the headstone they both decided to leave us on holidays. My sister says that was so we siblings wouldn't forget about them.... No chance of that but she makes a joke out of a serious event.

Yesterday we went to the cemetary to spruce up the grave sight. It gave us something to do for Mom.

She loved flowers.

There is also anotther grave there, our little sister, I'm the oldest of five and the only one who remembers her. she lived only three days and God took her home. I look forward to someday when I will finally get to meet her in heaven.

We made a fun day of it, enjoyed the warm sunshine and fellowship while we cleaned up the weeds and planted new flowers. As always had a few laughs. Then stopped for lunch on the way home.



Mari said...

I never got to meet your Mom, but I know she had to have been a special lady because of the wonderful daughter she raised.
I didn't know you had a sister who died as a baby.
Glad you and Carol were able to have this day. Your parents would be happy to know that you do this, and have a good time together while you do.

Anonymous said...

I am glad u and Aunt Carol got to go and enjoy a day together. I miss grandma too. I am so thank ful for u to be in my life and we have a great relationship. Love to you my wonderful mom. Faith

Mike Golch said...

I miss my Mom as well. I lost her in Sept 2003.Big Time Hug.

Shelly said...

Love this post and Love you Nancy!

Terri said...

I miss my Mom too - time helps but you never forget. Hope you had a blessed day yesterday.

Connie said...

I too always remember my Mom/Aunt on Mothers Day. It's been 31 years but we never forget.