Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring , springing all over, except in the temperatures

My blogging has certainly been hit or miss the last few months, I'm not really sure what the reason is but I thought I better write a few lines just to keep my ability to type up to snuff.
I'm anxiously waiting for the outside temperatures to get into a more spring like season so I can get outside to clean up some of the nastiness left by the melted snow. We have had sun galore and it does feel warm through the window, and is very welcome but the wind outside is sharp and the motivation to go out just hasn't kicked in yet.
I did see the beginnings of little crocus shoots starting to pop up and robins have been seen all over. Another sign that spring is coming, (well actually here, according to the calendar) it the birds are singing much earlier in the morning and I have heard new songs being sung so different birds are arriving, always a good sign.
I also need to do a good inside cleaning, just the last few days I've been looking around the house feeling it has been calling my name to clean with more depth than just the usual vacuum and dusting. With all the sunshine streaming in my windows showing great signs of neglect. Oh I fear I have lots to do in near future for sure.
How about you??? Any of you started with the spring cleaning or am I the only one who has put off this great undertaking.???


Mari said...

The sun was shining in my living room window the other day and I was appalled! I need to get to work too. :)

Brenda said...

well, I mopped my kitchen floor...does that count?!!
It's been beautiful here, tho' a little windy. But this morning we woke up to snow. Oh well, I don't mind 'cause their the good old wet snows and we really need the moisture.

Connie said...

I have been doing some deep-cleaning the last couple weeks. I want to get to my closets but when I do I want to put all my winter things away and get out my spring/summer items. But the weather is not cooperating with my plans at the moment. But I'm not complaining - I just think of Japan and my complaint sounds very selfish. Warm weather is a comin.......

Shelly said...

I started the cleaning today. Although I have kept up on the inside of the windows, Sadie tends to put her nose at them and dirty them. But, that's okay, she needs to look out and keep an eye out.

I am so ready for this nicer weather. I had my windows open slightly today while i cleaned. I little fresh air was great.

Love all the sounds of all the birds too.

Susan said...

Bo spring cleaning here yet. But, as you say, certainly needed. Been too busy with "life" to do much cleaning lately. We had a lovely spring day yesterday and today. Feels so good.