Saturday, March 5, 2011

So far this year----I'm just sayin

So far this year it has been a challenge to just get out of bed in the morning.
 Don't jump to the conclusion that I just want to pack it in. No No never!!!
Its March already and we have had enough trials this year... Oh, not all of it is bad but it has been a struggle. I know there are many of you who have struggled for years with so much stuff and I don't know how you can get through any thing without the Lord on your side.
January, Sweetman had elective surgery on his shoulder for a bad rotator cuff tear, that he did put off for far to long but being the man he is and as active as he is, anyone who knows him understands why he waited so long. However, because he dilly dallied it has taken longer to recover, and keeping still, for him has not been easy. Granted the pain has done a fine job of curbing his activity but just to sit has been difficult. Therapy session have not been fun but he is gaining mobility. Then he got what ever is going around be it flu, bronchitis, pneumonia or a combination of the three, and that has taken a toll. He is simply run down. Taking over the counter medications to help with the snot nose congested chest and cough proved to be a disaster. He reacted violently to the side effects that set him back for a few days. So going cold turkey to get rid of this bug has been no fun.
Then, last week I had minor surgery on my hand for a trigger finger and they found a small cyst so the incision needed to be slightly bigger than usual, fortunately I only missed one day of work  and this too is healing well.
Speaking of work it has not been a picnic, it seems cooperation's that run nursing homes like to see how many new rules they can enforce on their staff and without going into details at my age new anything is no fun. I love my job and working with the elderly has given me many years of fulfillment, my colleagues are fantastic, I love them all and in my opinion we have one of the best facilities in the area. But that is changing from having a personal touch to becoming more impersonal, that is heart breaking to not just me but many good faithful people I work with.
But on the lighter side Sweetman is now on the up swing and doing much better, we're praying he will be good as new by spring so he can resume his hobby job of flea marketing and riding that big bike. My hand is healing and the flu bug is leaving our home, I hope for good..
 Don't feel sorry for us that isn't the reason for the post I just wanted to vent. I think venting is good at times and this is my blog.
There are so many more reasons to rejoice, the first day of spring is this month and the long dark winter days are getting brighter. I have food in my pantry and a warm home to live in. God is on our side and He is watching over us and providing an abundant amount of blessings everyday. When trials come we cling to God in a different way and need Him more and He loves that.
And.... Shamrock shakes are back !!!! Its all good


Mari said...

It has been quite a year so far! I'm so happy to hear things are on the upswing over there. We had a good day today at work too! (Not looking forward to Monday though - we have Pat coming and then the Dr is coming to do the 5 new admissions! It may be a crazy day)
I've been watching it get lighter and next week the time changes so Spring is coming!
PS - you can have your Shamrock shake - and mine too!

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad you blogged about's always nice to know other's are struggling, too, and we're not the only ones.

Glad your husband is starting to heal and that your hand is healing.

Do you work with Mari?

Cherdecor said...

To me, living in Michigan would be a trial. One time many years ago, we were called to a church in Erie, Pa, we didn't go because we heard that they had a lot of snow.
Being from the mid-west, we thought that we had had enough of snow. Ha! Ha!

One of the pastors from a town nearby was just called to Gaylord, MI. After looking on the map to find where Gaylord was, I thought, he couldn't get any farther to the north pole if he tried. Hahahaha!
I think that Cheri would love it up there too!

Anyway, I am so sorry to hear of all the problems that your sweetman has had. Mr. Handsome has had a year of recovery from his surgery. Then, we all got a virus. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SICK IN OUR LIVES! The first time I threw up, it hit the water with such force that it splashed back into my face, THEN I WAS REALLY SICK! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy? I am telling you, we were so thankful for three bathrooms because all three of us were sick at the same time. (Sorry for being so graphic, but I thought you needed a chuckle) Yeah, now that it is over, we can laugh about it.


Connie said...

Sounds like you had your plate full for awhile. Glad to hear things are picking up. And yes, spring is coming. The sun is beginning to shine and even feels warm if you are out of the wind.
The flu has done a number on alot of people this winter.